DIT settings for PC-Client SW versions up to 3.09r2 (old software versions only!)




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    Hi Florian,

    We use 60 s as duration of dewatering in order to not waste water. The interval of integrity test is done every day.. or do you think the interval of 7 days is enough ?





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    Dear Andrea,


    the de-watering time here is the maximum time the compressor runs to pump air into and water out of the filtrate part of the filter volume. There is no waste of water related to that time, as it is always the same amount that needs to be pumped out of the filter module. The compressor stops as soon as the pressure threshold of 1.5 bar is reached. If the set maximum de-watering time has passed and the pressure threshold has not been reached the DIT does not work.

    The interval of 7 days is enough for some people. As far as you are not forced by any rule it is up to your choice. It is no problem to run it every day though. You gain more security.

    Best regards


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